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Recipes:  Dessert

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Recipe Name Recipe Rating
Apfelspätzle  (Spätzle with Apples)
Bayerische Creme  (Bavarian Cream)
Bratäpfel  (Baked Apples)
Bratäpfel #2  (Baked Apples)
Bratäpfel im Nussmantel  (Baked Apples with Nut Crust)
Bratäpfel mit Schokolade  (Baked Apples with Chocolate)
Bratapfel mit Lebkuchen überbacken  (Apples Baked with Lebkuchen)
Bratapfel mit Marzipan  (Baked Apples with Marzipan)
Früchtequark  (Fruity Quark)
Gratinierte Birne mit Marzipan  (Pears Baked with Marzipan)
Handkäse a la Walter  (Handkäse & Orange Dessert)
Kaiserschmarrn  (Sweet Pancakes with raisins, rum, and almonds)
Pfirsich Quarkspeise  (Quark & Peach Dessert)
Quark-Heidelbeer-Strudel  (Quark Blueberry Strudel)
Rote Grütze  (Raspberries, Red and Black Currants, and Cherries)
Rote Grütze #2 (Simplier Version)  (Raspberries, Red and Black Currants, and Cherries)
Rote Grütze #3  (Raspberries, Red and Black Currants, and Cherries)
Vanille Soße  (Vanilla Sauce)
Weihnachts - Bratapfel  (Christmas Baked Apple)

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