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Pasta & Other Side Dishes

A great part of German cooking is the large variety of side dishes that accompany many meals. These side dishes are most often vegetables, flour-based foods, and dough-based foods.

Of the vegetables, the most important side dish is the potato. These are served in many different ways: boiled, pan fried, deep fried, mashed, Klöße, Kroketten, pancakes, soup, etc.  Please visit our potato page for further details.

Flour-Based Foods (Mehlspeisen)

Mehlspeisen refer to those foods that are made primarily from flour (Mehl) or other grain, such as rice, semolina, and bread crumbs. Additional ingredients often include eggs, butter, and/or milk. Mehlspeisen can be either savory or sweet (please see our Breakfast and Dessert sections for sweet Mehlspeisen). These foods usually serve as a side dish, but can also be a whole meal on their own. This category, however, does not include breads, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. Mehlspeisen include foods such as Strudel and dumplings.

Dough-Based Foods (Teigwaren)

Teigwaren refer to those foods made from a dough - specifically noodles and pasta. These are primarily made from flour with the addition of eggs and other ingredients. They are formed, dried, then cooked in boiling water. This category includes Maultaschen, Schupfnudeln, and Spätzle.

German Cooking: Pasta & Other Side Dishes
Below, we list several of the most well-known German pasta and other side dishes. Select a dish below to get detailed information and recipes.
Bread Dumplings
Mashed Potato Dumplings
Pan Fried Potatoes
Potato Dumplings
Potato Pancakes
Potato Salad
Semolina Dumplings
Thuringian Dumplings

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