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Trollinger Grape
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Also known as:  Schiava, Vernatsch, Großer Burgunder, Black Hamburg, Fleischtraube, Bammerer, Bocksauge, Bocksbeutel, Bockstraube, Troller, Hammelshoden, Frankenthaler, Malvasier, Pommerer, Schwarzwälscher, Zottelwälscher

The Trollinger grape is most significant grape in the Württemberg region, where Trollinger wines are considered the national drink of Swabia. The name Trollinger (originally "Tirolinger") identifies its origin, Italy's South Tirol or its neighboring Torentino. It was introduced into Germany by the Romans. By the mid 1600's, it was found in the Hessische Bergstrasse, Pfalz, and Württemberg regions. Today, it is planted almost exclusively in Württemberg, covering 6,135 acres (2,483 hectares).

Trollinger wines are light to ruby red in color. They are light, fruity, slightly acidic, and their aroma shows hints of wild cherries, red currants, and nutmeg. Trollinger wines go well with light cheese, wurst platters, and poultry. They
are also enjoyable on their own.


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