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Krapfen are small, sweet or savory pastries that are deep-fried. They can be made from a batter, yeast dough, Quark dough, or choux pastry.

There are several regional variations of the Krapfen. Here are some examples:

Berliner - a sweet, donut-like pastry
Rheinische Krapfen - made from choux pastry with raisins.
Ausgezogene - flat Krapfen made from a yeast dough
Krautkrapfen - savory Krapfen made from a pasta dough and filled with Sauerkraut and bacon. 

Throughout Germany 

Krapfen date back to the 2nd century BC when the Romans ate honey-glazed Krapfen. A variation of the Krapfen was found on a menu from a monestary, dating back to the 1200's. These were called "Craphun" - they were boiled and served during Lent.

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