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Portugieser Grape
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The Portugieser grape is a very old grape variety that is believed to have originated in Austria. It was introduced into Germany (through Austria) in the 1800's. Today in Germany, the Portugieser grape is the third most important red grape for the German wine industry. It covers 11,571 acres (4,683 hectares). It is cultivated primarily in the Pfalz, Rheinhessen, and Ahr regions.

Because of their light red color, the majority of Portugieser grapes are used for rosé wines, known as Portugieser Weissherbst. 100% Portugieser wines are also light red in color, and their alcohol content is lower than other red wines. These wines are low in acidity, palatable, pleasing, full-bodied, and fresh. They are lightly fruit, with hints of currants, raspberries, and strawberries.

The Portugieser wine goes well with many dishes, particularly seafood and stir fried dishes. It is often served with fresh Pretzels or with wurst platters and bread. The rosé wine is most often enjoyed as a summer wine.


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