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Thuringian Dumplings

Also Known As:   Thüringer Klösse, Rohe Klösse, Hütes

Thuringian Dumplings are potato dumplings made from two-parts raw, finely shredded potatoes, and one-part cooked, mashed potatoes. In the center of each dumpling are toasted bread cubes.

Region:  Thuringia (Thüringen)

Main Ingredients
Potatoes, vinegar (to prevent decoloration), salt, bread cubes

Serving Suggestions
Thuringian Dumplings pair very well with pork or beef roast, Rouladen, Sauerbraten, and Gulasch. Along with the meat, they are also traditionally served with a cabbage side dish, such as Sauerkraut or red cabbage.

Thuringian Dumplings do not go well with fish, seafood, cream sauces, cheese, raw vegetables, or dishes seasoned with curry or nutmeg.

Historically, Thuringian Dumplings were a food for the poor. Because they work well reheated or pan fried, one batch could be easily stretched out for various meals during the entire week.

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