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Mainzer Käse

Also Known As:  Handkees

Mainzer Handkäse was first created in 1820 by a farmer's wife in the city of Gross-Gerau. It was sold on weekends in open-air markets in Mainz.

Mainzer Handkäse is a sour curd cheese. Sour curds are mixed with salts, and after a few hours they are formed into rolls. The rolls are allowed to ripen for 24-26 hours.

The cheese has a smooth, yellow or redish crust. It has a firm yet flexible consistency, and it has a distinct aroma.

Similar cheeses: Harzer Käse (Roller) and Handkäse

Cheese Category:  Sour Curd Cheeses

Country of Origin:  Germany 

Specialty of:  Mainz 

Cheese Characteristics

Main Ingredient(s): Cow's Milk

Age (Ripening Period): 24 - 26 Hours

Flavor: Mildly spicy, also available with caraway seeds

Consistency: Soft, light-yellow; Flexible

Sliceable? Yes

Spreadable? No

Crumbles? No

Use for melting? No

Use in dips? No

Dessert cheese? Yes

Mainzer Käse Recipes
Handkäse mit Musik  (Marinated Handkäse)
Handkäse a la Walter  (Handkäse & Orange Dessert)
Butterbrot with Handkäse and Ham 

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