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Also Known As:  Backsteinkäse, Backsteiner

Historically from Belgium, Limburger cheese is a favorite of Germans. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk and it's fat content is 20-60%. It is a light yellow cheese with a red-flowery rind. Limburger cheese is known for its very "stinky" aroma.

Limburger cheese was first produced by monks in the Belgian province of Limburg. 150 years ago German cheese factories also began producing the cheese, primarily in Allgäu, a region in Southern Bavaria.

Cheese Category:  Soft Cheese with Washed Rind

Country of Origin:  Germany 

Specialty of:  Allgäu (a region in Swabia, Bavaria) 

Cheese Characteristics

Main Ingredient(s): Pasteurized Cow's Milk

Age (Ripening Period): 2 weeks to 3 months

Flavor: Strong, spicy flavor

Consistency: Soft and elastic, but also sliceable. Small, uneven wholes throughout.

Sliceable? Yes

Spreadable? No

Crumbles? No

Use for melting? Yes

Use in dips? No

Dessert cheese? No

Cooking and Preparation Tips
Goes well with a dark bread, such as Pumpernickel, and onions. Accompany with a beer or a strong red wine

Limburger Recipes
Eingelegter Limburger Käse (1)  (Marinated Limburger Cheese #1)
Eingelegter Limburger Käse (2)  (Marinated Limburger Cheese #2)
Bratwurst mit Limburger  (Bratwurst with Limburger Cheese)
Limburger Käsetöpfchen  (Limburger Cheese Bowls / Cheesespread)
Herzhaftes Limburger Gemüseragout  (Hearty Limburger & Vegetable Ragout)
Limburger Vesper  (Limburger Snack)
Butterbrot with Limburger Cheese 

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