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Bierwurst (Beer Sausage)

Also Known As:  Bierkugel

A bavarian specialty made from pork, beef, heart, and bacon. Seasonings include mustard seeds, garlic, and nutmeg.

Wurst Category:  Boiled Wurst

Good for Grilling?  No

Specialty of:  Bavaria (Bayern) 

Good as coldcuts (sliceable)?  Yes

Spreadable?  No

Eat this wurst warm?  No

Specialty of :  Bavaria (Bayern) 

Serving & Cooking Suggestions
The sausage is cut into thick slices, then served cold on bread. It tastes best with beer, as the name suggests.

The name of this sausage originated from it being most often eaten for Brotzeit (Bread Meal Time) with a beer.


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