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Currywurst is Germany's favorite fast food. A boiled wurst or bratwurst is cut into 1-inch thick pieces, then topped with a sauce made from ketchup or tomato paste, curry powder, and paprika. It is typically served with a roll (Brötchen) or french fries.

Wurst Category:  Boiled Wurst or Bratwurst

Good for Grilling?  No

Specialty of:  Hamburg, Berlin, and in the Ruhrgebiet region 

Good as coldcuts (sliceable)?  No

Spreadable?  No

Eat this wurst warm?  Yes

Specialty of :  Hamburg, Berlin, and in the Ruhrgebiet region 

Serving & Cooking Suggestions
Pan-fry a boiled wurst or bratwurst in a little hot oil until slightly browned. Cut the sausage into 1 inch pieces. Arrange the pieces on a plate. Cover the sausage pieces with a warm curry sauce (see below for recipes), then sprinkle with curry powder and/or paprika. Serve with a roll (Brötchen) or french fries.

There are two stories behind the creation of the Currywurst.

One story dates back to September 4, 1949, when Herta Heuwer claims to have created the first version of the Currywurst in her small fast food stand (Imbisstand) in Berlin. She pan-fried a boiled wurst, then topped it with a sauce made from tomato paste, curry powder, Worcestershire Sauce, and additional seasonings. Her creation was an instant hit. In 1959, she patented her sauce and gave it the name "Chillup." Business improved so much that she had to move to a larger location to accommodate her customers. Kraft Foods learned of her success and tried to purchase the recipe and rights to her Chillup sauce. However, Herta refused to sell. Today, at the original location of her fast food stand, is a plaque honoring her and her beloved creation.

The other story is found in a book by Uwe Timms ("Die Entdeckung der Currywurst") which claims that Lena Brücker created the first Currywurst in Hamburg in 1947. Lena Brücker, however, is a fictional character that is supposed to represent "one of wonderful women that helped to rebuild the country after WWII." Uwe Timms bases his story on his memory of his childhood, when he first ate a Currywurst in Hamburg in 1947. He states that the first Curry-Sauce was first created by accident. Lena Brücker, owner of a fast food stand in Hamburg, was carrying big bottles of curry powder and ketchup. While walking up a flight of stairs, she tripped and dropped both bottles. This accident caused the items to get mixed together. In the process of cleaning up the mess, she licked some sauce off her fingers and discovered that the curry-ketchup mixture was quite tasty. The first Curry-Sauce was invented. The author claims that even though the name of Lena Brücker is fictitious, his story is authentic.

Since the 1980's, the Currywurst has gained in popularity throughout Germany, but especially in Hamburg, Berlin, and in the Ruhrgebiet region. Despite its fast food competitors, namely Doner-Kebabs and Hamburgers, the Currywurst has become Germany's favorite fast food.

Currywurst Recipes
Quick Curry Sauce 
Spicy Curry Sauce 

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