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Käsekuchen (Cheesecake)

Also Known As:   Quarkkuchen

Käsekuchen is a cheesecake made with Quark or other fresh, unripened cheese. It is not typically made with cream cheese as the American version of the cheesecake is.

The Käsekuchen can be made round, which is the most common shape. It can also be baked in a rectangular pan, then cut into squares before serving. This would then be considered a Blechkuchen.

The Käsekuchen identified here is baked. This helps the cake to firm up so that it can be cut into slices. Another type of cheesecake, the Käsesahne Torte, is not baked. Here, gelatin is used to help the ingredients firm up.

Variations of the Käsekuchen are made by adding fruit, such as currants, raspberries, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, to the filling. 

Throughout Germany 

Main Ingredients
The filling is made of Quark or other fresh, unripened cheese, eggs, milk, and sugar. Various fruits may also be added to the filling. The base is usually a short dough, made of butter, flour, and sugar. In some regions in Germany, the base is made from a yeast dough.

Serving Suggestions
The Käsekuchen is best served chilled. Its an excellent Summer time dessert. In Germany it is often served with a cup of coffee.

There was already a form of Käsekuchen in Roman time (around 200BC). It wasn't until the 17th century that the Käsekuchen began to grown in popularity in Germany.

Käsekuchen  (Cheesecake)

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