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Pork Knuckle

Also Known As:   Schweinshaxe; Eisbein

Known as Eisbein in and around Berlin and as Schweinshaxe in Bavaria, the pork knuckle is the leg of a pig between the knee/elbow and the foot.

Region:  Bavaria (Bayern) and Berlin

Main Ingredients
Pork knuckle. Some may be salt-cured, resulting in a deep reddish color. The knuckle can be either from the front or back legs - there is no different in taste. The back knuckles are usually meatier and work well for roasting or grilling.

The meat is very tender, flavorful, and aromatic, and make for a hearty meal.

Serving Suggestions
There are two traditional methods of cooking the pork knuckle.

Roasted / Grilled: The pork knuckle can be roasted in the oven or grilled over an open flame. The picture to the right (top photo) shows this cooking method. This results in juicy meat, with a crispy outer skin and crust.

Cooked / Boiled: The pork knuckle can be cooked in Sauerkraut or boiled. The picture on the right shows this cooking method. This results in a very soft, moist meat.

The pork knuckle is traditionally served with Sauerkraut and mashed or boiled potatoes. In Berlin, the dish also includes a pea-puree (made from cooked, pureed peas mixed with mashed potatoes, onions, bacon, and sometimes the drippings from the pork knuckle).

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