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Liver Dumplings

Also Known As:   Leberknödel

Liver dumplings are dumplings made from calf's or beef liver, along with onions, bread, and herbs and spices. Some recipes also include bacon.

Region:  Bavaria (Bayern), Palatinate (Pfalz)

Serving Suggestions
In Bavaria (Bayern), liver dumplings are most often served in a soup (Liver Dumpling Soup) as an appetizer or as a side dish to various beef and pork dishes. In the Palatinate region (Pfalz), liver dumplings are usually served with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

Additional Information
In Bavaria (Bayern), liver Spätzle are a variation of the liver dumplings. The same recipe can be used, but instead of shaping the dough into dumplings, it is formed into Spätzle.

Leberknödel  (Liver Dumplings)
Leberknödelsuppe  (Liver Dumpling Soup)
Leberspätzle  (Liver Spätzle)

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