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Kochkäse is a sour-curd cheese, made from Quark. Very dry Quark (liquid is pressed out) is allowed to rest for several days in a warm place. After 4 to 8 days, the cheese is yellow and fatty. It is then ready to be cooked. A mixture of milk, baking soda, caraway seeds, and salt is brought to a boil. The ripe Quark is added to the boiling mixture and stirred in until the mixture becomes stringy. Butter is mixed in and the entire mixture is poured into a form and cooled. At this point, the Kochkäse is ready for consumption - there is no further ripening period.

Cheese Category:  Sour Curd Cheeses

Country of Origin:  Germany 

Specialty of:  Franconia (Franken

Cheese Characteristics

Main Ingredient(s): Quark, salt, butter, caraway seeds, baking soda

Age (Ripening Period): 4-8 days

Flavor: Mild

Consistency: Thin, spreadable; light to yellow in color

Sliceable? No

Spreadable? Yes

Crumbles? No

Use for melting? No

Dessert cheese? No

Cooking and Preparation Tips
Tradionally, Kochkäse is served on top of buttered bread with onions, salt, and pepper. 

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