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Traditionally the bread for soldiers, the Kommissbrot is a dark, hearty bread loaf.

Bread Category:  Breads of rye and other flours

Region:  Throughout Germany 

Main Ingredients
Rye and wheat flours, sourdough

Bread Characteristics
Strong, hearty bread; slight sour taste. Crust is firm, but not too hard. Usually baked in a loaf pan, so the crusts develops only on the top of the bread.

Serving Suggestions
Shelf life is at least 5 to 6 days.

Because of its long-shelf life and its heartiness, Kommissbrot was used in both WWI and WWII to nourish soldiers. Historically, it was only available in military bakeries. After it was made available in regular bakeries, the recipe was modified slightly to create a softer bread and crust.

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