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Germany and other german speaking countries are "bread countries" where bread is more than just food - it is part of the culture. Germany produces by far the most varieties of breads. Most are these are mixed breads, where a mixture of rye and wheat flours are used. Additionally, over 300 varieties of dark and white breads are produced.

German breads are categorized into the following groups.

Breads made from wheat (Weizenbrote)
This category includes breads that are made of at least 90% wheat flours. Breads in this category are also called "white breads" due to their light color, mild taste and soft crust. They are loved for breakfast, but go well with hearty dishes as well as light salads.

Breads made from a mixture of wheat flour and other flours (Weizenmischbrote)
This category includes breads that are made from wheat and rye flours, where the wheat content is between 50-89%. The higher the wheat content of the bread, the milder the taste and the softer the crust.

Breads made from rye (Roggenbrote)
This category includes breads that are made of at least 90% rye flours. These breads are high in vitamins and nutrient, and have a strong, distinctive taste.

Breads made from a mixture of rye flour and other flours (Roggenmischbrote)
This category includes breads that are made from rye and wheat flours, where the rye content is between 50-89%.

Breads made from whole grains (Vollkornbrote)
This category includes those breads made from coarsely to finely ground whole grains.

Rolls & Other Mini-Breads (Brötchen & Kleingebäck)
Over 1,200 items of various shapes, sizes, and flavors make up this category. Because of their small size, these breads have a high percentage of crust, making them very flavorful. They are further divided into the following groups.
Smooth Rolls   These are rolls with a smooth surface (crust).
Slashed Surface   The surface of these rolls have been slashed to allow for a better rise and a more flavorful taste.
Refined Rolls   These are breads to which fat and sugar have been added. This gives them a softer, less chewy, texture. This group includes the Hörnchen, Croissant, Cheese-Sticks, etc.
Rolls with added flavorings   These are breads to which additional ingredients, such as sesame seeds, nuts, onions, and raisins, have been added for flavor. These flavorings can be added to the dough, or sprinkled on top of the formed roll.

Specialty Breads (Spezialbrote)
Speciatly breads includes those breads that are (1) made with unique ingredients or a high amount of one specific ingredient; (2) made with a unique technique; or (3) made with certain restrictions for people with specific nutritional requirements (for example, bread for people with diabetes).

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